Dominica's Work In Nature Programme Named Best in The Caribbean

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"Siri, play Dj-Khalid- We The Best- sound effect" because after the article released on Caribbean News Loop Dominica's Work In Nature (WIN) programme - Named Best In The Caribbean," that's certainly how we feel!

Caribbean News Loop, a well-known source for local, regional, and global news, released an article on January 28, 2022 where Dominica's Work In Nature programme was judged by the well-known travel website Kayak as the best remote work programme in the Caribbean!

But wait, it gets Better...

Apart from ranking at number one in the Caribbean, Dominica placed 28th out of 111 nations with a final score of 67/100 which is exceptional for this beautiful, serene, and unique Island.

Why #1 in the Caribbean?

In addition to the island's general health and safety standards, Dominica ranked at the top due to key factors like high political stability, the absence of violence, low gas prices, and affordable long-term apartment stays. All ideal factors for a remote worker, digital nomad, or freelancer in search of balancing work with some adventure or those actively seeking out a work-life balance in the midst of a pandemic.

Kayak's Message

According to the travel website, "Work from Dominica if you're an avid eco-traveler who is always down to chase tropical gardens and waterfalls."

Dominica's Work In Nature Programme

The WIN programme was launched in April 2021, and it offers an ideal environment for remote workers, digital nomads, and families to function effectively and temporarily relocate for up to 18 months.

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