Another Reason To Choose The Nature Island In 2022

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Dominica has dedicated this year as the Year of Health and Wellness, a fitting designation as the world 'reopens' and people pay better attention to their health and wellness and that of their loved ones. For Work In Nature applicants, particularly those who are health and wellness enthusiasts, fitness fanatics, or maybe even those who are just curious about what Nature Island has to offer, Dominica awaits you!

Why Dominica?

Apart from being renowned as the "Nature Island of the Caribbean", Dominica has a high measure of safety, with low crime rates and an exceptional response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Undoubtedly, Dominica is the destination to be in these uncertain times. Similarly, with many health and wellness sites, services, and activities there is so much to do on the island! Visit the website for more information - Dominica: The Year of Health and Wellness.

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What should you look forward to while on the island

After a successful launch of the special entertainment events during February, the island has gone into full gear to host the Jazz 'n Creole Festival in May as well as the renowned World Creole Music Festival in October.

It will not be a year of health and wellness without cardio, yoga, and dance! The month of March provided just that, for four weeks, there were group sessions around the island's scenic sites promoting healthy lifestyle choices and fitness, all in time for the Dominica Fitness Challenge to be held in June. Amongst other activities, another anticipated event would be the Kalinago Healing Retreat in November where locals look at life from a more spiritual perspective, as part of the spiritual awakening month in celebration of the indigenous people's traditions.

With so many activities to choose from during the year, the best way is to experience them yourself!

Come work in nature and make use of the island's health and wellness offerings to re-calibrate yourself. See you soon!

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