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Enelin Paas
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How long have you been a digital nomad?
I started my journey in 2015, so around 6 years ago. I was traveling a bit in Asia, a lot in Latin America and Europe, and also visited Africa a few times. Every year I have always also visited Estonia, where I am from, to see my family and friends for a month or two during the summer time in Europe.
Tell us about your current work, and how it's impacting the digital nomad community or lifestyle
I am the Head of Business Development at SafetyWing ( We are building a global social safety net. We're here to remove the role of geographical borders as a barrier and create equal opportunities and freedom for everyone with an adaptable and software-based safety net for nomads, expats and remote workers around the world like ourselves.
Where was the first international place you started your nomad journey and what was the experience like for you?
The first real nomad experience was in Costa Rica. I stayed there for 3 months and got my first online freelance gigs. Everything grew from there- my career, desire to keep traveling, excitement and curiosity. Parents were scared, especially when I went to Colombia and when I traveled solo.
How did friends react to your decision to start nomading? Have reactions about your lifestyle as a nomad changed or mostly been the same?
Friends were happy, excited and inspired. Old colleagues were curious, happy for me as well as a bit jealous. I think normally the most common feeling is curiosity.
What's your typical remote work atmosphere preference when nomading and why: work from your living space during the day; work from cafes; work at a coworking office; or something else?
I like to work from home, because then I can focus the best. And then at the end of the workday I like to leave the house. Once in a while I also visit cafes that have good wifi, great green and open environment and good food. Less often coworking spaces, because I get so cold with the air conditioner, that most of the people like.
What are some of your favorite remote work tools (aside from zoom & google meet, ha!)
Slack, Google Calendar, Evernotes, Notion, all my documents and files are in Google drive on a cloud, only using Google files and sheets (vs software in my computer), so in case something happens with my computer I am fine. Not much is needed actually!
What do you think is the biggest misconception about the digital nomad life
It's hard to build a serious career. Or that this lifestyle is very expensive.
The entire world went remote in a flash last year, and many people are considering taking their remote work on the road as a nomad. What would be your top 3 pieces of Advice to a new nomad?
Balance your work and life well. Even if you travel or work from home, leave enough time for work, as well as for rest and adventures.

Routine may still be more important and needed than you imagined.

Do your research well to know where you are heading so it would support your goals.
What's your hope for the digital nomad lifestyle and community at large as it evolves?
I hope it will be the new normal. And people make their work-life part of their best life. People are actually happy about their work, location, career and work-life balance.
Last but not least - your favorite memory ever as a nomad (that you're comfy to share!) We dare you to pick one!
NomadCruise. Meeting 350+ nomads on a cruise ship from Barcelona to Brazil. 2 weeks on board, having fun and learning a lot. Also visiting many exciting and exotic places on the way. Meeting my fiancé and making many lifelong friends. Understanding that there are so many more of us. Such a fun and inspirational experience.