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Gonçalo Hall
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Digital Nomads Madeira
Remote Working Cabo Verde
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How long have you been a digital nomad?
3.5 years
Tell us about your current work, and how it's impacting the digital nomad community or lifestyle
As the CEO at NomadX, I am creating a global community of digital nomads who are focused on having a positive local impact and live in community. We are organizing nomad experiences in several countries, working with destinations and making sure that our global community is welcome and thriving in the local communities and creating several events for our community.

I created the Digital Nomad Village in Madeira Portugal, an engaged community in Ponta do Sol that focuses on the social and economic impact of digital nomadism. I am now replicating the project in Caparica Portugal, and on the island of Cabo Verde
Where was the first international place you started your nomad journey and what was the experience like for you?
Canggu, Bali. I loved it. After years of watching videos about it, connecting with people there, checking the best coworking spaces, it was a dream come true.
How did friends react to your decision to start nomading? Have reactions about your lifestyle as a nomad changed or mostly been the same?
I was born a nomad. Went through 7 schools in 13 years, 3 universities and kept moving from place to place, so when I started working remotely, they knew that nothing could stop me now.
What's your typical remote work atmosphere preference when nomading and why: work from your living space during the day; work from cafes; work at a coworking office; or something else?
I love to work from coworking spaces and cafés. Coworking spaces for the community and nice chairs, cafés to write as the people around me push my creativity and help me focus. I hate to work from home, a true extrovert.
What are some of your favorite remote work tools (aside from zoom & google meet, ha!)
Notion, Airtable, Nebo (writing on the Ipad), Twist and Evernote.
What do you think is the biggest misconception about the digital nomad life
We work a lot! Most people think we live on vacations, most nomads I know work +7 hours every day.
The entire world went remote in a flash last year, and many people are considering taking their remote work on the road as a nomad. What would be your top 3 pieces of Advice to a new nomad?
Travel between communities, mingle with the locals, exercise with the locals.
What's your hope for the digital nomad lifestyle and community at large as it evolves?
I hope that we can educate the whole community to be mindful of the locals, respecting the traditions and rules of the location and be aware that it's important to give back, either with knowledge, time or money.
Last but not least - your favorite memory ever as a nomad (that you're comfy to share!) We dare you to pick one!
Talking about global tax strategies at dinner in Canggu, Bali. I love to be surrounded by smart people and all those dinner discussions were like expert workshops, every single day.