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Lora Pope
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Explore With Lora
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How long have you been a digital nomad?
I started in January 2020 but ended up back in Canada shortly after thanks to the pandemic. Although I was working online throughout it I'd consider the start of my journey in November 2020 when i left again to work remotely and live in the Caribbean.
Tell us about your current work, and how it's impacting the digital nomad community or lifestyle
I'm a travel content creator at Explore With Lora ( and write a lot about the digital nomad lifestyle on my social media channels and website to share first-hand insights into what it's like and tips people can use to get started.
Where was the first international place you started your nomad journey and what was the experience like for you?
The first place I started was in Barbados and it was an amazing experience! There's an awesome nomad community there that I connected with quickly. Being able to jump into the ocean and swim with turtles or go surfing after work was amazing! I made wonderful friends and memories there that I'll never forget.
How did friends react to your decision to start nomading? Have reactions about your lifestyle as a nomad changed or mostly been the same?
I've been traveling on and off for over a decade so no one was that surprised when I gave up my apartment to be a full-time nomad. Mostly my friends are curious about how the lifestyle works and I'm always trying to convince them to try it!
What's your typical remote work atmosphere preference when nomading and why: work from your living space during the day; work from cafes; work at a coworking office; or something else?
I get bored easily so I like to switch it up and check out new cafes and co-working spaces as much as I can! That way I can write about them afterwards and let people know the best places to go. I work from home sometimes, but I also really enjoy having the separation.
What are some of your favorite remote work tools (aside from zoom & google meet, ha!)
NordVPN for keeping my data secure, Focus to-do for productivity (it uses the Pomodoro technique to help you focus and complete tasks).
What do you think is the biggest misconception about the digital nomad life
That you need to have a huge amount of money to do it. You just need to have a source of income online, which most people these days do!
The entire world went remote in a flash last year, and many people are considering taking their remote work on the road as a nomad. What would be your top 3 pieces of Advice to a new nomad?
Balancing work and travel can be really tough! Take it slow at first while you're getting used to the lifestyle so you don't get overwhelmed.

Keep up your physical and mental daily routines. While it can be exciting to experience a new place, it can also be challenging being away from your regular routine. To help adjust and keep your energy up, find a routine you can stick with anywhere like running, hiking, or meditating.

Don't forget to log off and enjoy your surroundings. It's easy to constantly be working, especially if you work for yourself. But the whole point of being a digital nomad is to experience life in a new country so be sure to set boundaries with your clients or boss, even if it's you.
What's your hope for the digital nomad lifestyle and community at large as it evolves?
That the communities get spread around across other parts of the world. There's a lot of digital nomad hot spots which are great, but there's also a lot of other amazing places around the world that no one seems to be going to, and it would be nice to see it more spread out.
Last but not least - your favorite memory ever as a nomad (that you're comfy to share!) We dare you to pick one!
Two days after moving to Puerto Vallarta I went an event put on by the nomad community and met a group of friends who invited me to go camping in the middle of nowhere woods the next day. While it sounds like the start of a horror film to most people it was one of the funnest nights I've had this year and led me to a group of friends I've since been nomads with in Turkey, France, and Croatia after Mexico.