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Mita Carriman
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How long have you been a digital nomad?
4.5 years
Tell us about your current work, and how it's impacting the digital nomad community or lifestyle
I'm the CEO & Founder of Adventurely (, a meetup app for millennial/gen-z digital nomads & solo travelers. My team and I are extremely proud to be one of the first few tech startups designed intentionally for the digital nomad community that is VC backed.

Our app (currently available on desktop) helps you plan travel meetups & local group outings at a range of bucket list hot spots with fellow digital nomads and solo travelers in popular nomad cities around the world.

I'm also the Founder of the Digital Nomad Club on Clubhouse (, which I've been growing with some awesome friends in the nomad space, and is now nearing 20K members!
Where was the first international place you started your nomad journey and what was the experience like for you?
Medellin Colombia was my first nomad destination! I was surprised by how easy and fun it was to nomad once I got settled. Medellin is a vibrant city - I stayed in Laureles, and commuted every day into El Poblado to cowork during the day. I have particularly fond memories of eating delicious Colombian food; seeing salsa danced at a level of expertise beyond my belief; and enjoying the lively culture and enthusiasm around soccer while I was there. Having so much profound and interesting culture around me all the time was a personal incentive to get my work and deadlines done ahead of time, so that I could enjoy Medellin's sights as much as possible in my free time.
How did friends react to your decision to start nomading? Have reactions about your lifestyle as a nomad changed or mostly been the same?
It was definitely shocking - and there were a couple of people who tried to talk me out of it, but I was ready to go!
What's your typical remote work atmosphere preference when nomading and why: work from your living space during the day; work from cafes; work at a coworking office; or something else?
I really like going to coworking spaces. I find I'm the most productive and appreciate having the routine and momentum during the day to leave the house. Coworking spaces are also great spaces to connect with locals and nomads frequently in the startup space, so that's another reason I prefer working in one.
What are some of your favorite remote work tools (aside from zoom & google meet, ha!)
I'm a big fan of notion - it's great for asynchronous communication with teams. I also love Telegram for easy, no-cost remote calls.
What do you think is the biggest misconception about the digital nomad life
That we're not working - which is a huge irony. To make this lifestyle work, you have to work! I'd even go as far as to say that nomads that have been in the lifestyle for a while likely have especially strong organizational skills and ability to follow through on work. We're not on vacation. We're working our regular business hours, and for entrepreneurial nomads such as myself, we're likely putting in way more hours on top of that. If I'm free one day on a weekend, sure I'll go to the beach or do a fun outing, but that's my free time- not my every day. I guess what happens is that nomads will share a highlight such as a beach trip on a weekend to their social media and onlookers will make assumptions about us doing that every day.
The entire world went remote in a flash last year, and many people are considering taking their remote work on the road as a nomad. What would be your top 3 pieces of Advice to a new nomad?
  • Prioritize nailing your work routine as soon as possible. Once that's in a good pace, it will enable you to make the most of your free time to explore and enjoy your new nomad destination;
  • Travel with at least 2 different Checking Account ATM cards, ideally 3-4. Your card can get lost or stolen on the road, or in my case I've had two different ATM cards randomly gobbled up by an international ATM machine. You don't want to be stuck without a fast way to get a replacement card, so a back up card from a different checking account will help;
  • Get travel insurance. Companies like Safety Wing have made it easy to get set up with travel insurance as a nomad;
What's your hope for the digital nomad lifestyle and community at large as it evolves?
It's my hope to see even more countries welcome their borders to digital nomads with intentionality; and on the flipside, for more businesses to issue transparent and direct policies that "work from home" could also be "work from anywhere" as long as work gets done!
Last but not least - your favorite memory ever as a nomad (that you're comfy to share!) We dare you to pick one!
I usually tend to nomad in warm destinations, but one of my favorite digital nomad memories was actually while in the Ukraine in the middle of winter! I nomaded in Odessa Ukraine one February and took a stroll during a snowstorm alongside Arcadia beach, which was really breathtaking, and blanketed with covered snow. The Black Sea which borders the beach was absolutely mesmerizing in the storm, and I had to pinch myself that I made it there as a nomad.