Digital Nomad - Taylor Wallace

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Taylor Wallace
Business Name:
The Fit Founder
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How long have you been a digital nomad?
4 years
Tell us about your current work, and how it's impacting the digital nomad community or lifestyle
At the Fit Founder ( I work as a strategy and innovation consultant for small to medium sized businesses and startups in the Emerging Tech sector. My job is creating opportunities for the nomadic community because I am both an Industry Thought Leader and innovator in my professional vertical, while consciously working to change the narrative around Entrepreneurial optimization through work/life harmony and sustainable nomadic life through The Fit Founder brand. My job allows other nomads who are serious about starting or growing a business on the road to see there exists a plethora of resources and a community of like minded individuals to support them throughout every step of their journey.
Where was the first international place you started your nomad journey and what was the experience like for you?
Buenos Aires, Argentina. The experience was...dynamic. The city was beautiful, it was great getting to practice my Spanish everyday, and I couldn't get enough Argentinian food (and wine!). Eventually, the honeymoon phase wore off and I began to notice some of the tougher sides of the new lifestyle I had chosen. I missed my family, my friends...even silly things like the smell of my yoga studio! But it was this experience that allowed me to realize very early on that, if I wanted to find sustainability in life as a nomad, I would need to create a structured system to ensure consistent investment in my physical, mental, and professional growth and wellness on the road.
How did friends react to your decision to start nomading? Have reactions about your lifestyle as a nomad changed or mostly been the same?
Most were confused but supportive. Still today, people ask me about my 'vacation' 'Sabbatical' 'Mid-mid life crisis' you name it...but I think i've done a good job documenting my experiences, this life, and this lifestyle. The opinions are definitely changing. Since the great COVID awakening within the world of remote work, I now get hundreds of messages a month from people asking how they can get started in living a lifestyle like mine.
What's your typical remote work atmosphere preference when nomading and why: work from your living space during the day; work from cafes; work at a coworking office; or something else?
Depends on the location and where I am with work sprints. When I'm doing more flexible and creative work, I like to experiment with various environments; I'll hop around between different coffee shops, find outdoor spaces with wifi, etc to see which energies best mesh with my energy and tasks. When I'm in a country less wifi friendly or with limited access to cafes and workspaces, I'll try to find & invest in a residence with dynamic spaces. For example, my current apartment building in Rio has a library, an open seating area for what used to be an internal restaurant, as well as a proper workstation in my room. When I'm in a phase of doing more 'Client Intensive' or Deep Work, I'll opt for a dedicated desk at a coworking space, using an app like "Beer or Coffee."
What are some of your favorite remote work tools (aside from zoom & google meet, ha!)
Noise canceling headphones, secondary portable monitor, Smart Watch, Apps: [Calm, Down Dog Yoga, Whatsapp, Currency Converter], Kindle, portable projector, star & laser lamp.
What do you think is the biggest misconception about the digital nomad life
That it's unaffordable. I actually wrote a whole article on this. Check it out.
The entire world went remote in a flash last year, and many people are considering taking their remote work on the road as a nomad. What would be your top 3 pieces of Advice to a new nomad?
Top 3 would be:
  • Know your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators): What do you hope to accomplish (personally, professionally, etc)?
  • Do Your Homework: Don't just optimize for what places look the coolest on IG; consider things like the reliability of wifi, linguistic needs, strength of currency, stability of law, etc.
  • Habits Habits Habits: Figure out what things bring you joy, keep you sane, or help you to recharge when your batteries get low. Then, make sure you build habits that are replicable wherever you are in the world and HONOR them!
What's your hope for the digital nomad lifestyle and community at large as it evolves?
I'd like to see more diversity. I'd also like to see more open-mindedness from (corporations, older generations, etc) that sometimes place unnecessary restrictions on employees because they don't understand. I guess you could say, a change in the mindset that 'working from your parents basement in CT means you will be productive but doing the same from a Coffee Shop in Medellin somehow creates an impediment to performance.
Last but not least - your favorite memory ever as a nomad (that you're comfy to share!) We dare you to pick one!
Living in a 'Hustle House' in Puerto Escondido with 6 other Digital Nomad & Entrepreneurs, surfing every morning, grinding through the days, and family dinners at night. I feel like I grew so much during this stretch and I always look back on it so fondly. Shout out to the RY/Wifi Tribe Alumni Community!