Application Process


You must submit your WIN Extended Stay Visa Application Form online and pay the non-refundable Application Fee


You must also upload the following documentation for yourself and any family member who is accompanying you, where relevant:

  1. Bio data page of valid passport (for yourself and all your family members)
  2. Proof of relationship of dependants (i.e. your family members). This can include, for example, a marriage, birth, or adoption certificate, depending on which family member is joining you.
  3. Police record(s) (for yourself and all your family members over the age of 18). A police record must be obtained from all the jurisdictions in which you/your family member lived in the past five years
  4. Bank reference letter
  5. Employment letter. If your income is not from a regular employment salary, then you must also provide a recent bank statement and certificate of good standing and/or credit report
  6. Passport-sized photos (for yourself and all your family members over the age of 18)
  7. Visa to Dominica (only if you/your family member is a passport holder of a country where a visa is required for entry to Dominica)
  8. Health insurance valid in Dominica and covering you and all your family members


For documents not in English, a translated and certified copy is required.

Once your application is received by a WIN Tourism Technical Officer, you will be automatically assigned an ID number.



Your application is reviewed for completeness by the WIN Tourism Department. A WIN Information Officer will liaise with you if necessary.



Once your application has been checked for completeness, it is submitted to the Permanent Secretary or Tourism Authority for recommendation, and to the Joint Regional Communications Centre (JRCC) for due diligence processing.



Your application, the recommendation, and the JRCC Report is reviewed by the National Security and Home Affairs Department. Your application will be then approved or disapproved by the Minister for National Security and Home Affairs.



If you are successful, you will receive an approval letter from the Permanent Secretary or the Tourism Authority.



You will then be asked to pay the relevant WIN Visa Fee online within 30 days. Once the payment is verified, you will receive an automated receipt.



Travel to Dominica, letting your WIN Information Officer know your flight and arrival details.